About Us

Petra Tours” provides general tourism services, specializing in nature and jeeps tours. Petra Tours activities are focused on the south of the country, mainly in the Negev Desrt and the Judaen Desert, providing a wide range of services: jeeps tours, hiking tours, themed tours, tours of nature and the wilderness areas of Israel, Jordan and the Sinai peninsula.
The expanses, the sense of exaltation and of merging with nature, the meeting with nomad Bedouins, inhabitants of the desert, their ethnic foods and way of life, all are portions of our tours. The company guides and personnel have accumulated thousands of hours of field experience and are well acquainted with the area, which is an important factor in tours of this experience and natives of the desert, outdoor people, with their warm and hospitable attitude to guests, they are the desert’s “Best Ambassadors Ever”.
The company provides vehicles, jeeps (4×4), camels and mountain climbing equipment, as well as experienced and certified guides. All these make Petra Tours tours a wonderful, special and unforgettable experience.