Deep in the Negev – 3-5 days tour Jeep, hike and site

This program combines journeys in 4wd vehicle with walking treks, mainly in the Negev Highlands. This area, constituting the center of the Negev, include wide open space together with unique features such as the huge crater these were formed over the millennia by strata collapses, erosion and sediment deposit.
They are kind of open windows onto the bowels of the earth that has no parallel elsewhere. Since the Negev Highland rise above the adjacent Arava Valley, wide wadis have developed throughout the age’s amount of water to to Arava during floods.
These are the largest streams in Israel. Nahal Tzin, Nahal Nekarot and Nahal Faran. In the course of the tour, we will be able to “feel” the power of streaming water digging deep into the rock, joining the other power of nature to create the large craters.
In addition to these natural phenomena, the Negev has always been a dry land bridge between North and South and East and West.
Hence, the tour will take participants not only to arid, wild open landscapes, but also through green oasises and ancient historical sites, remnants of powerful culture, which reigned, over this land of transit.In this tour we will go along the pursuance of those Nabatean the “master of the desert” expiring part of their skill in movement and crossing arid area.


Day 1 - Arrival

rrival at Massabim
Accommodation – Kibbutz holiday village.

Day 2 - Tzin Valley, oasis and old Nabatean village

We will depart from the kibbutz southward, and visit the Nabatean Cite of Avdat. We will continue to the Tzin Valley. We will drive along the Tzinim Cliff, which forms the border between the valley and Avdat Plateau, on which we drove from the Kibbutz. At the foot of the cliff there are many springs and desert oasises. We will visit two of them – Ein Akev and Ein Zik. Before night we will head back to Massabim.
Accommodation – Kibbutz holiday village.

Day 3 - Ramon Crater

Departure from the Kibbutz, for day of 4wd driving in western Ramon crater. We will descend the Ramon ascent – a natural road that leads to the biggest crater of hits kind in the world, and will continue westward in the colorful landscape of sandstone and basalt rocks to the Arod ascent, which is in the western limit of the crater.
We will exit the crater after ascending the Arod ascent, and we will turn east to the Nekarot stream which is a wide ravine passing through the Nekarot plain between two ridges of the Negev Mountain. We will conclude the day out door (optional).
Accommodation – night camp in the desert / hotel in Mitzpe Ramon.

Day 4 - Along the Nabatean Spice Raod, Arava Valley, Eilat Moutains

We will leave our night location for Han Sharonim – a road stop on the Nabatean Spice (perfume) road. After visiting the Han, we will continue along the Nabatean road on a one-day walk distance.
We will cross the Ardon stream to enjoy its colorful stratum, we will continue via the Nekarot wadi which becomes a deep and narrow canyon. We shall stop at an observation post, which look over Arava Valley in the fortress of Katzra – a Roman strong point on the Spice road.
We will finish our off road drive in the Han of Moa, anther stop on the spice road.
Accommodation – Shaharout desrt lodge.

Day 5 - Eilat Mountain - Arava Valley

In the morning, we will take short camel ride in the area. After breakfast we shall continue to Atek stream and follow it to the Arrava valley.
On the way we will travel trough a variety of landscape and different form of limestone and sand stone which were crumpled and moved by natural forces, creating a fascinating mosaic of colors and shapes.
We ill conclude the day and the tour by driving along the Arava valley to Eilat, which is on the northern edge of the Aqaba Bay.

This tour can be combing in different manner in order to travel lass days, if required. It cans be 3-5 day tour, upon your wish and program.