East of Ramon Crater

Half day jeep tour

Jeep Tour to eastern part of Ramon Crater which located in the Negev Highland. This side is the most painting, colorful and diversity part of this huge crater.
This jeep tour combines a spectacular view and observations, driving trough exciting off-road way, geological observation to the “Secrets of mountain’s bowels” and if we will be lucky, we will experience meeting with wild animals in their own natural environment.
Our tour will exit from Mitzpe Ramon. After a short drive on the tarred road, we will move to a steep dirt road elevate to Har Gevanime (Mountain of shades), which located in the southern part of the Ramon Crater. From here, we can seen the crater all around, especially dominant the northern cliff all its long, stretch for 40 km’s east to west. Har Ardon (Ardon Mt.) will rising up well above the two eastern crater’s valleys.
From this point we will continue via Gevanime Wadi, rich in shades of Acacia trees like an African Savannah to Ein Sharonim, where we will stop for short visiting of Han Saharonin – a station on the Nabatean spice road.
We will continue along the Nabatean Road, up and down through Dekalim descent driving series of steps that will end in Nekarot Wadi – one of the largest Wadi in the Negev. After a short pedestrian tour to the White Canyon in Parsat (horseshoe) Nekrot we will continue to Wadi Ardon – a colorful Wadi “decorated” by Dikes which cuts its sandy colored layers walls.
After short stop we will do our way from the eastern side of Ramon Crater back to Mitzpe Ramon through Beherot Beduin camp.

Pictures of Jeep tour - East of Ramon Crater