Lower Part of Wadi Zin, Waterholes and Sources

Full day Jeep tour

Very difficult road, along water passes and rugged land of white chalk and dark flint, near the mountain ridges of Khatira in the Negev, hundreds of meters above in the wilderness. We begin our track at the entrance road to the Makhtesh Hakatan (Little Crater) through which we drive on to Wadi Khatzera (this river draines the Little Crater). We descend to the Shaish water holes, crossing many channels descending from the mountain ridges to our north. After driving along the heights of Wadi Zin, we descend to the water holes within the Wadi.
The riverbed is made of hard, white chalk rocks with many pits cut into the narrow, white Wadi.
Those are the Shaish waterholes. After a short rest we drive along the riverbed of Wadi Zin, sometimes above and sometimes across the water, going up and down the rock terraces. After a short drive we arrive at the Zin waterholes. There we will rest and we may even swim in the salty water. Following our route we will stop for a short walk among the highest palm-trees of the region.
This track ends near the industrial park of Ma’ale Akravim (Scorpion Heights).

Pictures of Jeep tour - Lower Part of Wadi Zin, Waterholes and Sources