Mount Karkom – Mount of God?

Full day Jeep tour

Jeep Tour to Karkom Mountain is extraordinary tour in many aspect means. Far away and cut off from the main roads, includes long hike, wild and unique nature of the Negev highland and historical story that descend to the root of Jewish history – Matan Torah, the revelation on Mt. Sinai.
Jeep Tour to Karkom Mountain, a large spacious Mountain which located in the southern Negev, is first of all an experience of Desert trip, to the sereneness and wide space, far from civilization signs, far as far can be in a small country.
This is a trip to the Nomad land and pasture country and culture.
This is a fascinating trip to colossal cult centers; consider being the biblical “Mount Sinai”.

Our tour will start in Mitzpe Ramon. We will drive west reaching to the border between Israel and Egypt. From here we will continue along the border route keeping south. On the way we will stop for brief observation to enjoy the spectacular view of the Negev highland mountains – Ramon, Lotz Plateau and especially the Arif with its 2 craters, one on its eastern side, one on its western side. From our observation we will continue through the border road, which will lead us western of Karkom Mountain. In this point we will leave the border road for off-road trail, all the way to the Karkom Mountain. After short break and organize for walk, we will leave the jeeps for pedestrian visit of Karkom Mountain.
Climbing through moderate path will bring us to the top of the mountain plateau which stretched over 4 kilometers from north to south. Here, we will hike on the Hamada surfaces, looking around at the Rock Art (Petroglyphs) carved into the rocks like big stamp signs, scattered throughout the mountain all over. We will visit opens temples with low altars, a kind of circles made from white stones stands out against the background of the fade and fuscous Hamada. In the course of our hike we will refer to the theory of Prof’ Emmanuel Anati – the senior researcher and excavator of the region, consider this place as the biblical Mountain of Sinai – “Mount Horehv”.
After a tour of several hours, depending on the time, the group nature and season, we will hike back downhill to our jeeps to begin our journey back to Mitzpeh Ramon, on the same way we got here, or alternatively through the Hasson and Nekrot Valleys where we will bypass north of Karkom Mountain driving deep into the Southern Negev Mountain.