Test of the Negev – 2 days tour Jeep and hike

In the day before refrigeration when food was preserved in salt, spices were a necessity and commanded high prices.
In the first century BCE, the Nabatean developed a secret route across the Negev, along witch they could transport the spices of East to the harbors of the Mediterranean sea. Camel caravans made their way crossing the Negev Desert, benefiting calmness and sedate of Desert Inn – the “spice route caravanserais”
Today the bustle of spice route is gone, but we can still explore its canyons, mountain passes and ancient caravan stop and water cistern.

In this tour we will go along the pursuance of those Nabatean the “master of the desert” expiring part of their skill in movement and crossing arid area.


Day 1 - Tzin Valley, oasis and old Nabatean village

Transfer through the desert up to Avdat. At this remote site we will meet our Desert guide and start a hike of approx’ 4 hours’ leading through the quietness of impressive desert landscape to wells of Nahal Tzin, Upper Ein Aqev and Ein Akev – a large hollow cut into the white rock – the large “Gev” (cistern or desert water hole) of the spring – with the drop failing from the waterfall above.
Over night will be outside under the open sky in sleeping bag.

Day 2 - Through Ramon Crater along the Nabatean Spice Raod

Today a jeep Safari will lead through the “heart of the Negev” the scenery of the Ramon Crater. Drive off-Road via the famous Nabatean Spice Route, connecting the Nabatean ancient capital Petra with the Mediterranean passing the Inns and Fortresses of Nekarote, Katzra and Moa’ evidence of a flourishing period of commerce and wealth in ancient time. Reach the Arrava Valley rift and from there on road back to Beer-Sheva.